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2008 Mini Olympics Promo Video

2008 Missions Presentations

Uganda Missions Video
Over the Rhine Presentation

Easter Baptism Testimonies

Amanda Tay
Jinhyung Ahn
Joanna Tai
Sam Felli

Grad Night 2008

Ahrim Shin Christine Bae Eunice Lim InHee Song
Joanna Sung John Suh Patrick Ng Peter Gao
Soo Lee SungHo Yoo Theresa Chen  
Freshmen Presentation
Sophomore Presentation
Junior Presentation

Praise Night 2008

Intro Video
Emcees Intro
His Light in Darkness (Drexel)
More (Finding Nemo and Lost and Found)
World Apart (A1 and Revolutionary Love)
You Got Saved (Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Villanova)
God Will Lift You Up (Temple)
HiStory (Overflow)
Perfect Week (Pyros and Sheep)
Grace House (Bookworms and Old School)
The Stronghold (Legos and Treasure Hunters)

GCC College Retreat 2008

Retreat Video


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