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2009 Mini Olympics Promo Video
2009 Intro Video

Praise Night

The Rope (CrossCountry and Postmarked)
Paid in Full (Sunny D and Mr. Potato Head)
Friend (GChat and LOL)
Cardboard Testimonies (Born Identity)
Circles (Miracle Gro and Juicy Fruit)
The Room (Hopscotch and Target)
Numb (Claymates and JCrew)
Lights, Camera... (Temple)
Second Glance (Overflow)

Easter Testimonies

Yue Xu
Cindy Lee
Alina Kim
Bao Ha
Deborah Yeh
Kenny Yeh
Susan Liu

Grad Night 2009

Ify Onyiah Jon Ziegler Jason Lee Mike Hsu
Michelle Yang Kenny Yeh John JP Park Joe So
Inn-Young Park Gloria Chung Ellen Eun Dave Shin
Cindy kim Caleb Li Andrew Han  
Freshmen Presentation
Sophomore Presentation
Senior Presentation

GCC College Retreat 2009

Promo Video


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