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Introducing Symphony Church
Over-The-Rhine Promo Video

Praise Night 2010

Emcee Intro Video
Bring Me to Life (Plus One and Skywalkers)
The Motions (Rock Band and Up)
The Box (Overflow)
Babies (iWill and Kids Klub)
Pray Strong (Army of One and Marvel)
Home (Rock Solid)
It Should Have Been Me (Road Runners)
Masterpiece (Good and Snow White)

Easter Testimonies

John Bang
Daniel Hwang
Steve Siu
Franklin Shen
Rena Song
Greg Fu
Sol Kim
Easter 2010 Baby Dedication - Simon Peter Lee

Grad Night 2010

Sophomore Presentation
Junior Presentation
Senior Presentation

GCC College Retreat 2010: Elevation

Promo Video
Recap Video

2010 Intro Video
Mini Olympics Promo Video


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