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AMI Revolution 2011 Promo
Intro Night 2011
Mini Olympics Promo Video
Passion 2011 Promo Video

Praise Night 2011

Emcee Intro Video
Life is a Highway (Shrek and Twitter)
End of the Road (Fearless and Word)
He Lives (Temple)
Grace Street (300 and Impressed)
Unconditional (Superglue and USA)
Testify to Love (Overflow)
One Question (Mainline)
Balloons (B1 and Expendables)
Set Me Free (Call of Duty and Glee)

GCC College Retreat 2011: Alive

Promo Video

Easter Testimonies

Alan Chiu
Edward Li
Eric Wang
Kevin Hou
Liz Mensah
Michael Park
Natalie Wong
Octavia Bray
Stephanie Lim
Ting Lau


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