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AMI Revolution: Empowered Promo 2012
Intro Video 2012

GCC College Retreat 2012: Jesus, Our King

Promo Video

Praise Night 2012

Emcee Intro Video
Suit Up & Wildfire
Marked & Taken
Jam & Show and Tell
IronMan & Unstoppable
In N Out & Voyager
Hammertime & Remix
Epic & Foodies
CIA & Reverb
Bryn Mawr

Grad Night 2012

Andrew Cie Ashley Lee Chan Park Christine Li
David Kim Deborah Yeh Frank Tan Harold Kang
Helen Kwan Irene Kim Jabez Yeo Jeremiah Wang
Jessica Kim Joyce Lin Justine Wan Lily Kim
Linda Kang Michael Hsu Olivia Jung Rena Song
Robyn Chan Sarah Ryu Winnie Feng Yue Xu
Freshmen Presentation
Sophomore Presentation
Junior Presentation

Passion Conference 2012: Awaken--Guest Speaker Dr. George Murray

Promo Video
Day One Sermon: Awaken to the Worship of God
Day Two Sermon: Awaken to the Will of God
Day Three Sermon: Awaken to the Work of God


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