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Mini Olympics 2013 Catching Fire Recap
Mini Olympics Promo Video
Intro Video 2013

GCC College Retreat 2013: Radical Love

Recap Video

Praise Night 2013

Villanova-Grace House
Hakuna Matata & Fight Club-A Cover Up Story
Yours Truly & Polo Co. - How I Met The Father
Gushers & Transformers-Hosea's Story
T.H.U.G. & S.W.A.G.-Signs
Called & Rooted-The Hospital
More Than Conquerors & Sprout-Hearts
Cool Runnings & N'Sync-A Whole New World
DreamWorks & Skyrocket-Who Am I

Baptism Sunday 2013

Recap Video

Easter Baptism 2013

Alex Chae
Animat Buki Sanya
Vincent Engard
Wonah Sung
Katelin Del Rosario
Chris Chen
Steven Spurgeon
Jonathan Chung
Evelyn Gutierrez
Rachel Chung
Michael Irizarry
Emily Schutsky
Kwadwo Tettey
Ying Yan

Grad Night 2013

Alice Ma Binh Nguyen Charmer Pratt Christopher Lai
Cindy Wei Courtney Ng Edward Li Elizabeth Mensah
Hyejung Lee Jessica Yi Jeu Hee Hahn Jihae Lee
Joseph Wang Joshua Ramos Joycelin Wong Kevin Jiang
Kevin Lee Linos Owusu Asare Michelle Kwon Patrick Atis
Octavia Bray Steve Siu Taylor Lee  
Freshmen Presentation
Sophomore Presentation
Junior Presentation
Senior Presentation

Passion Conference 2013: Encountering the Holy Spirit

Thursday Sermon
Friday Sermon
Saturday Sermon


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